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Not sure if you may have sleep apnea? We encourage you to take our short quiz below to understand whether you may be affected.

This 175-acre promenade is made up of nine parks and offers an impressive system of hiking trails and tons of outdoor activities in the heart of town!

Just wander around the general area, and you’ll encounter all sorts of cool things. This is also where you’ll find some of the best boutique hotels in Columbus, making it a great place to base yourself!

As part of our continuum of care, our board-certified specialists work with you and your primary care physician to diagnose and treat your sleep disorders.

You are more at risk for sleep apnea if you are overweight, male or have a family history of the disorder. Children with enlarged tonsils may also experience it.

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Doctors consider continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) the gold standard treatment for OSA, and it here is usually the first treatment offered to people diagnosed with moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea.

Therapy Treatments for Sleep Apnea Multiple non-invasive treatment options for sleep apnea exist, some of which are more effective than others. Non-surgical options fall into two categories: positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and oral appliances.

A Sleep Apnea dentist diagnoses sleep apnea by checking for signs in the mouth and examining the teeth and body for any other medical conditions that may be causing it.

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This is the arts district, so you’ll come across colorful street art murals, public art installations, and cool galleries around every corner in Short North.

The mask conducts pressurized air through your nose, or through your nose and mouth, to your throat. The added pressure in your throat then keeps it from collapsing while you sleep, so you can breathe normally.

CPAP machines prevent breathing interruptions caused by sleep apnea. These devices also eliminate harmful sleep apnea side effects. Notable CPAP machine benefits include:

CPAP is typically the first treatment recommended, but a sleep specialist may prescribe an alternative pressurized air device depending on your situation.

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